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For the most up to date information regarding this tool, please go to my main site: Category "WX Model Viewer"

There's no comments in the code really but if you're interested in helping set
other models, check out the github project. Feel free to fork the project, make
your changes and then submit a pull request.
WX Model Viewer GitHub Project

		This is currently in development and as such some features may
		come and go but the viewer at this address will generally be in
		working order.
		Models that are known to not be working right now are noted with a '*'
		in front of their name.
		Right now when you are on a map for a particular model and switch
		to a model that does not have that map, it will go to the first
		map for that model. I'm open to suggestions to how better handle
		HELP: Click on the question mark at the top to toggle the keyboard
		mapping and other instructions.
		Feel free to send me comments and suggestions to the email below.